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Department of Radiology

About the department:

Department of Radiology has been started in Kokrajhar Medical College and Hospital from the day of starting of the institute. At present one faulty in the rank of Professor and Head of the Dept. is working. One post graduate student from Barpeta Medical College has been posted as per DRP programme in thedepartment. Three highly sophisticated X-ray machines have been installed in thedept. giving good services to the patients. Three high resolution ultrasonography cum doppler machines have been supplied by the government.One machine is already installed and the other two machines will be installed shortly. One portable ultrasound machine is beinginstalled for emergency non-ambulatorypatients.Infuture, multi-slice CTScanand 1.5 tesla MRI machines are expected to be installed in the department which will give excellent services to the needy patients of the region.

Present Head of the Department:
Prof. (Dr.) Dibyajyoti Nath2023
Faculty Members:
Prof. (Dr.)Dibyajyoti NathProfessorMBBS, MD
Dr. Rakesh PrasadAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD
The Courses are running: MBBS
No student yet..
Our Services:
• Routine X-Rays
• Routine ultra-sonography
Research & Publications:
Faculty NameDetails
Prof. (Dr.)Dibyajyoti NathImaging spectrum of non-infective causes of monoarticular arthritis. Neuroquantology, August 2022.
Prof. (Dr.)Dibyajyoti NathImaging of infective causes of childhood epilepsy. Neuroquantology, July 2022.
Prof. (Dr.)Dibyajyoti NathDoppler ultrasound versus three-dimensional computed venography: Diagnostic accuracy in varicose veins. Int. J. Toxi. And Pharma. Research, June 2022
Prof. (Dr.)Dibyajyoti NathComparison between transcranial ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Int. J. Toxi. And Pharma. Research, June 2022.
Prof. (Dr.)Dibyajyoti NathRadiological evaluation of septic arthritis. Int. J. Pharma. And Clin. Research, June 2022.
Prof. (Dr.)Dibyajyoti NathChildhood epilepsy: imaging spectrum of congenital causes. J. of Card. Disease Research, June 2022.
Prof. (Dr.)Dibyajyoti NathRadiological evaluation of benign intracra-nial calcification. Neuroquantology, August, 2022.