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Department of Psychiatry

About the department:

The Department of Psychiatry of Kokrajhar Medical College was established with the inception of the institute has got a significant role in the maintenance of mental health and the diagnosis and treatment of mental function of the needy people of the region. At present, with two highly qualified faculties, the department is providing excellent services day and night for mental-health promotion of the region. The department is fully equipped for undergraduate level teaching. It has a dedicated OPD and indoor set up and looks forward for upgrading to a separate drugde-addiction wing, provisions for electro convulsive therapy and a separate child psychiatry ward.

Present Head of the Department:
Dr. Mustakim Ahmed(Designated)2023
Faculty Members:
Dr. Mustakim AhmedAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MD
Dr. Sasanka Kumar KakatiRegistrarMBBS, MD
The Courses are running: MBBS
No student yet..
Our Services:
    • OPD Services
        1. Daily OPD
        2. Special OPD (child guidance clinic and drug-de-addiction clinic)
    • Indoor services – general ward
    • Emergency services
    • Training of Medical and Para-Medical staffs of Health sector
    • Expert opinion services
    • Psycho-social rehabilitation services
    • Clinical Services at Govt. Shelter homes.
Research & Publications:
Faculty NameDetails
Dr. Mustakim AhmedBhuyan D, Goswami S, Ahmed M, Saikia H. Anxiety, Depression, Stress and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Among the General Population in Assam During the Early Phase of the COVID 19 Pandemic. Int J Cur Res Rev.2021;13 (11):159-164