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Department of Microbiology

About the department:

Department of Microbiology Kokrajhar Medical College makes up a multidisciplinary facility consisting of Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology,Parasitology and Serology.Modern equipment and traditional microbiological tools are available in the laboratory facilities for diagnostic services.Teaching undergraduate students by excellent teachers is an integral part of the departmental academic activity.

Present Head of the Department:
Dr. Mithu Medhi2023
Faculty Members:
Dr Priyanka MukherjeeAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD
Dr. Anjan SarmaAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD
Dr. Simi BoraAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD
Dr. Bhaiolina DasDemonstratorMBBS, MD
Dr. Mithu MedhiProfessorMBBS, MD
The Courses are running: MBBS
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Our Services:
    • Quality undergraduate education
    • Supporting various clinical departments, operation theatres by Culture and sensitivity testing
Research & Publications:
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