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Department of Anatomy

About the department:

The Department of Anatomy, Kokrajhar Medical College, is dedicated to providing educational and social welfare services. Every year a total of 100 MBBS students will be admitted. The department is completely equipped with large dissection, demonstration, theory and practical classrooms. It has also been actively involved in awareness programs for body and organ donation.

Present Head of the Department:
Prof. (Dr.) Malamoni Dutta2023
Faculty Members:
Prof. (Dr.) Malamoni DuttaProfessorMBBS, MD, PhD
Dr. Hari Charan SarangsaAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MD
Dr. Biswajit BorahAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD
Dr. Mohammed Saiful AlamAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD
The Courses are running: MBBS
No student yet..
Our Services:
    Embalming of dead bodies:
  • Done routinely for dissection purpose.
  • Done as a public service for bodies that require transportation
    Awareness programs for body donation.
    Classes conducted:
  • Undergraduate classes (MBBS) for 100 students per year
  • Integrated Classes with other departments
Research & Publications:
Faculty NameDetails
Dr. Hari Charan SarangsaA study on congenital malformations of genitourinary system inperinates. Int. J. of Sc. Research. 2018;7(5).
Dr. Hari Charan SarangsaPattern of malformations in central nervous system and its association with other congenital anomalies in perinates. In. J. of Clin. Ana. And Phy. 2018;5(3)
Dr. Hari Charan SarangsaFoetal anomaly scan: A study at 18 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Int. J. of Sc. Research. 2018;7(8)
Dr. Hari Charan SarangsaPrune belly syndrome – a case report. Int. J. of Curr. Research. 2015;7(8)